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Change is here

The evolution of L-Bridge Capital begins with a rebrand.

L-Bridge Capital can be considered as the engine of a successful family office. Our mission is simple: it is to grow, protect, and transfer – upholding our clients’ legacies through the test of time.

As we evolve our strengths and capabilities, we believe that this is the best time to introduce our new brand identity to take us forward on this journey.


We embraced a minimalist brand identity design to embody our simple, yet important, values: Trust, Integrity, and Transparency. The minimalist design also enabled us to address some of the challenges that we faced with the previous logo.

1. The lower-case typography in bold represents humility and bravery; values that the founders embraced during L-Bridge Capital’s inception.

2. The blue square represents integrity and stability; qualities that are integral to the company's function.

3. The new logo is also designed to be practical and versatile by allowing it to function as an icon.



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